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Title: General Board Rules
Post by: arocksmyworld on December 09, 2011, 07:16:52 AM
General Board Rules:

While we are a pretty tolerant community and welcome new members, there are a few things you should know to make your visits to the messageboard more enjoyable. Before posting, please read the 'Members Guide' ( to learn about the basic rules on our forums.  Spend some time reading threads to get a feel for the place before posting.

Make sure to check if the topic you're about to start has already been posted many times before. Introduce yourself in the Meet Me At The Corner Forum ( If there are problems or questions, Members and guests can contact Moderators/Admins in PM or in Stranded (  

The band, along with the staff of kindly ask that you consider the following guidelines required of all members and guests of

1. The site exists for the purpose of providing a safe place for people from all walks of life to gather for sharing information, encouragement and discussion. The spirit of this community should unmistakably reflect the love and grace represented through the music and the message represented on The site maintains the right to make sure our messageboard is in keeping with that spirit. We have a great responsibility to extend acceptance and respect to EVERYONE who logs onto

2. Discussion in all forms is welcome as long as it is presented in an objective and fair manner. Name- calling or attempts to degrade or tear down individuals will not be tolerated. Negative opinions may be expressed but should never degrade individuals. Criticism of a person instead of their art, opinions or actions is not considered acceptable use of public forums within Constructive criticism of art (music, writing, etc) is welcome and encouraged, but judgments or assertions about a person's heart, motives, or spirituality will not be tolerated.

3. The following topics will not be discussed and posts or topics will be deleted if they contain:

*Rumor, gossip or innuendos concerning the artists and their families. This includes paparazzi shots. (We don’t mind if people discuss rumors concerning new music or concerts)

*Personal attacks on the artists, staff or members of

*Personal information on the artists, staff, family or members of This includes the band whereabouts during the tour.

*Messages with content or links promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, or any other form of adult content, hate, "spam", fraud, racism, pyramid schemes, or promote any illegal activity. (Administration reserves the right to judge what constitutes offensive material)

4. Topic Closing may close a thread in the following circumstances:

*Bashing or degrading conversations: when a topic becomes mean-spirited or a discussion loses all objectivity and dissolves into hurling insults or making personal attacks.

*Two-Way Conversations: when it obvious that only two people are involved in a conversation. Good rule of thumb: if it is something that could easily be taken to PM or email and not missed by other readers, then it's a 2-way conversation.

*When the items mentioned in rule #3 are present.

5. Post Editing: reserves the right to edit and/or remove posts that meet the criteria outlined above and the criteria outlined in the Members Guide. The decisions made by moderators and/or administrators are final and not open to debate.

6. Member Banning:
It is not the desire of to ban anyone from the use of these forums, however, certain behavior that is inappropriate cannot be accepted to create the supportive community that was intended when this site was first conceived. will in most circumstances provide a warning before discontinuing access or banning members from publicly accessed areas of the site. Member Banning is final and banned members will not be let back on the site.