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Title: A Dunkards Dilemma
Post by: Fat1Bear on December 18, 2015, 10:11:51 AM
Lord knows I'm just a Junkie, for fun
When you wanna party, you know I'm always the one
My Wife is gonna kill me when I finally make it home
She'll probably plant a skillet upside my dome
That woman is down right deadly with a skillet
If she connects that thing to anything, then she'll kill it

I'm too wasted to put the key in my ignition
It seems to be my one and only weekend tradition
Local law enforcement all know my face
They'll lock me up for drivin anyplace
This whole world's against a drunkard having fun

The Glaring sun has climbed over my hood ornament
My life is like I'm living in a some kind of party tournament
So it's down the hatch with another another case
With Wild Turkey shooters, down for the chase
Well it seems I parked on the mailbox again
And my neighbors screaming at me  "You Live In Sin!"


Well my bank accounts empty and I'm flat broke
Being without money, just ain't no joke
Standing out back smokin with the band
I got a beer in one and a joint in my other hand
They want me sing some songs tonight
But my Ol Lady piised and lookin for a fight


I stagger back home about a half past noon
Next thing I know, she's hitting me a broom
I ran as fast as a drunkard man can
Locked myself bathroom where I'll make my stand
Last thing I remember was leaning against the door
Then all the sudden I'm on the floor


Title: Re: A Dunkards Dilemma
Post by: HillelNavarro on June 17, 2016, 02:53:56 PM
Lol.  I like it!!!  I imagine it being a mainly acoustic driven song.  How do you invision it?